Adventure Motorcycle May-Jun 2022 Print

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First Ride: Husqvarna Norden 901 • Moto Camping: The Lessons Carry On • Desert Sledding into the North Cape

Ride Reports
Sleeping Under the Stars Across Scotland • In Search of Old West Coast Hippies • Tanzania’s Hidden Gem: Riding to the End of the World and the Middle of a Continent

Product Reviews
Mitas Rally Star off -road adventure tires • REV’IT! Ladies Solar 2 Jacket • Rex Specs protective goggles for dogs • Tourmaster Horizon Line Trailbreak gloves

Tuning Up
Riding in Extreme Heat: Lessons from the Australian Outback

Rider Spotlight
The Great Ride Along

Bike Banter
What’s the One Thing in Your ADV Kit You Can’t Leave Home Without?

The Far-Ride

Book Review
The Japanese-Speaking Curtain Maker by Spencer James Conway
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