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Bike Review: Honda ADV150 Scooter: Tiny Titan for the Colossal Hearted • Pros and Cons of a Long Motorcycle Trip with Your Soulmate • To Eat or Not to Eat: A 15-Month Trek Across Africa

Ride Reports
Experience Wyoming BDR • Escape from Reality: The Remote Magruder Corridor • Lucifer Amid the Stones: Touring the Historical Gems of Southern Italy

Product Reviews
Tourmaster Horizon Line Trailhead Enduro Jacket • Bridgestone’s New Battlax Adventure Trail A41 tires • Opinel No. 08 folding knife • Rival Components lower crash bars

Tuning Up
Eating Right and Well Can Change Everything

Bike Banter
What’s the Most Memorable Meal You’ve Had on a Moto Trip and Why?

Rider Spotlight
Kate Schade

The Far-Ride
Doing the JDR (Junkyard Discovery Route)

Book Review
Camp-Ucopia by Bonnie and Billy Johnson
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